Liberal Looniness leads in Washington DC

From trusting Obama’s trust in Iran, giving illegal immigrants tax refunds, Hillary Clinton’s illegal cash grab, American jobs down the drain its just looney

Refund. It’s a fairly easy word; it means to give back or to make repayment. Someone returns money to you that you had previously paid.


The IRS seems a bit confused by the word. The tax collection agency says that under President Obama’s executive amnesty, illegal immigrants can claim up to three years’ refunds, even if they have never paid any income taxes in the first place.


Entering this country without official permission is still illegal, and so is not paying your taxes. So, we’re really going to throw the book at them by letting them stay in the country, then by paying them for being tax cheats.


The Obama Administration is essentially saying to illegal immigrants, “Come out of the shadows. Oh, and, by the way, here’s some cash.”


Refund: It used to be such a simple word.


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