In the spirit of the season, Barack Obama was in a giving mood, North Korea was just in a “mood,” and is there really anything higher about higher education?

President Obama granted the Cuban government an early Christmas gift by cutting a deal to normalize diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. Cuba gets the opportunity to boost its forever flagging economy. Raul Castro hopes the pitiful economic conditions will improve all the way up to dreadful. Boy, he could only hope!

Cuba gets tourism from the United States and also hopes to get newer model cars. Castro is excited at the prospect of soon seeing Chevy Vegas and AMC Gremlins driving on the streets of Havana. The government will also be sprucing up the political prison camps to accommodate the increase in vacationers.

In return, Obama gets a box of Cuban cigars and a promise from Castro not to abandon communism. Who could pass up that deal? That Obama – he sure is a tough negotiator.

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