Why democrats should never be in charge of anything – ever!

Why democrats should never be in charge of anything – ever!

Distilling the myriad of reasons why Democrats should never be in charge of anything – ever – is a monumental task.

A comprehensive list of reasons could fill the Library of Congress, the Superdome, Soldier Field, and at least a dozen college basketball arenas. Space does not permit that extensive of a list, but here is a start.

1. Jonathan Gruber. Gruber is an economics professor at MIT and one of the Obamacare key architects. He is also an arrogant big mouth. Naturally, being an arrogant big mouth is a bit of a requirement if one is a liberal. He is also a moron! He’s got quite a high opinion of himself and other liberals. However, he doesn’t seem to share that same opinion of Americans, referring to them as stupid. Not once, not twice, but in multiple videos that have recently surfaced did Gruber bash his countrymen as dithering buffoons incapable of making their own life decisions.

In fact, Gruber now seems to have more videos than Lady Gaga. I look forward to his “Americans Are Stupid” tour of North America. I’m sure it will be a huge success.
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