US Foreign Policy: The Musical starring Hall & Oates

The Obama administration often makes parody a challenge because, well, because it so often is a parody of itself – usually without even trying.

A clear case in point was the recent appearance in France of Secretary of State John Kerry and his friend, singer-songwriter James Taylor. Kerry brought Taylor over to perform the song (actually written by Carol King) “You’ve Got A Friend” at an event at the Paris city hall.

I am quite fond of James Taylor’s music and own most of his albums, but this seemed a bit, well, odd.

The point, as near as we can tell, was to show the French people that America really does stand with them. Forget the complete lack of empathy shown by the United States government towards the French following the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo.

For the massive rally that drew more than 40 world leaders and millions to Paris in a show of solidarity for free speech and opposition to Islamic terrorism, the highest ranking US official that we could muster was, I think, John Kerry’s lawn guy.

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