Two Examples Of Why The Left Is Nuts

Two Examples Of Why The Left Is Nuts

There are a couple of things we know about scientists.

  1. They generally lack social skills.
  2. They have no fashion sense.

For example, I would have had no business being in the same room with Albert Einstein intellectually, but I possess one thing that he clearly lacked – a comb!

Recently, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta project landed a space probe on a comet.  (On a comet!) That’s a ridiculously complicated task. I can’t even parallel park.

Both scientific traits were on display following the impressive feat when Matt Taylor, a Rosetta Project scientist, was interviewed on television. Taylor showed up in a God-awful shirt that displayed cartoon drawings of scantily clad women with very large, um, guns. To say it was an ugly shirt is like saying Stalin was a wee bit of an authoritarian. It was hideous.

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