The Essence of Hillary

Recently, a country music video, Stand with Hillary, was produced by a new super PAC of the same name. If there is a point, it is that it’s never too early to release a music video to implore Americans who drive pickups and tractors to get behind the Hillary Clinton for President machine. The video shows a hunky cowboy type singing about, well, Hillary.

Let’s be clear, there isn’t a cowboy this side of Brokeback Mountain that’ll vote for Hillary in 2016. The video inspires no one, not even the Dixie Chicks –and I think they actually like the former First Lady, senator, secretary of state, expert cattle futures speculator and Monica Lewinsky rival.

As songs go surely someone can do better to more accurately reflect what Hillary Clinton is all about. So, as a public service, I am stepping forward with my contribution to the cause. I think this better captures the essence of Hillary.  (Cowboy hat is optional.)

Go here to get the lyrics to the song AND a recorded version. How cool is that?

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