Max Sennett’s Secret Service

Max Sennett’s Secret Service

Stop me if you’ve heard this one about the Secret Service before: A guy with a gun gets on an elevator with the president…

The news has been filled with recent deeds, er, misdeeds of the Secret Service – you know, the agency entrusted with the job of protecting the President of the United States. That seems like kind of an important job. But lately the agency appears more reminiscent of the silent movies of Max Sennett’s Keystone Cops from nearly 100 years ago, except that we have yet to see it create a multi-car pileup involving a dozen Model T Fords. (Not yet anyway.)

When news of an intruder jumping the White House fence, getting to the front door and then actually entering the building was reported, my first thought was – wouldn’t it just be easier to give Biden his own set of keys?

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