Samples from the Book


On Obamacare:

It is my firm belief that government cannot force citizens to buy health insurance or any other product.  If it can, that’s bad.  It’s “your fourteen-year-old daughter just got a tweet from Anthony Weiner” bad. 


On Environmentalism:

The environmental left would have preferred that the internal combustion engine never have been invented.  They look back fondly on the horse and buggy days when horse dung was piled neck deep along the side of the road and flies were so plentiful they had their own union. 


On Cash for Clunkers:

I must admit that when the program was first announced I was a little confused.  I thought Cash for Clunkers was a fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. 


On the Nanny State:

Mary Poppins sang something about a spoonful of sugar with your medicine.  Who knows how many Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laws that would break today?  The obesity police would be on Ms. Poppins and have her up on child abuse charges before she got to the second verse. 


On The Collapse of the Housing Market:

As we know, in 2008 the housing market collapsed much like the 2011 Boston Red Sox.  Homes with half-million dollar mortgages quickly had the same values as a four year-old Kia.