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The Smell Of Politics: The Good, The Bad and The Odorous

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There are good kinds of politics and good kinds of government and there are bad kinds – and then there are really stinky kinds. And even good types of government can be downright odorous if the execution stinks.  This book starts off with a look at different types of political thought – political ISMs, as I call them.  Most of your favorites, I hope, are accounted for.  Laughter will surely follow.

Political execution from a historical perspective, including past revolutions and past (diminutive) dictators, is also tackled in multiple chapters.

The book also spends several chapters analyzing the current (stinky) execution of the Obama administration. From Obamacare to border security to voting laws, all are open for scrutiny and amusement, not to mention a fair amount of lampooning.  Fortunately, the Obama administration rarely fails to provide an abundance of material for the political satirist.  All of this is done with a slightly off-kilter sense of humor.

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